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Xch@nger™ is Rogue Data Vault’s Microsoft Exchange 2000 hosting service. Xch@nger provides small to medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations with the powerful communication and collaboration features of Microsoft Exchange 2000 without the overhead costs and headache of maintaining it. By using Rogue Data Vault’s Xch@nger solution, your business saves on the expenses of hardware and software, licensing, server administration and data backups. With Xch@nger, you will have access to your email, calendar, contacts and other collaboration data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—from anywhere. Your organization will gain improvements in efficiency by utilizing such features as shared calendaring, contacts and tasks, comprehensive group scheduling, instant messaging and discussion groups. Public folders can be configured to store email messages, files, contacts, calendars and tasks that can be shared within your entire organization or just among specific departments or teams.


Rogue Data Vault’s Xch@nger service offers many valuable features. Xch@nger is the most secure Microsoft Exchange 2000 hosting solution available today. While the Internet is an incredible resource for connecting computers and sharing information, it’s not a very secure resource, which is why we have implemented SonicWALL’s award-winning Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution. VPN creates a secure and encrypted virtual tunnel between your computer and Rogue Data Vault’s servers. VPN ensures that your data (including usernames and passwords) is not intercepted, viewed or otherwise tampered with while in transit on the public infrastructure of the Internet.


In addition to VPN, we have implemented Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus to scan all incoming and outgoing email. Today, email is the top method by which Internet-borne computer viruses are transmitted. Because of this, viral outbreaks can quickly spread, infecting millions of computers and potentially causing millions of dollars worth of damage—all in a matter of hours. While not an absolute guarantee against viral infection, properly configured, maintained, and updated antivirus software can eliminate 99% of all computer viruses, saving you from the hassle and cost of dealing with a virus-infected computer, not to mention the possible embarrassment of having the virus automatically forwarded to all your friends and clients—from your email address.


We despise unsolicited email, a.k.a, “spam” as much as the next email user, which is why we’ve implemented spam filtering software to help eliminate the clutter spam can cause in your inbox.



One-time Setup Fee

recurring Fee




·          100MB storage per mailbox

·          Outlook Web Access

·          Instant Messaging

·          Public Folders

·          Secure, encrypted VPN connection

·          Virus scanning

·          Spam filtering






25MB of additional email storage



Custom domain name registration

$35/domain name


Virus scanning and content filtering of all Internet traffic



Install Norton AntiVirus on workstation



SecureStor file storage






*Discounts off monthly fees are offered based upon volume and/or contract duration. Clients who have more than 10 users will receive a 10% discount off the monthly fee; those with more than 20 users will receive a 20% discount. Clients who commit to a 6 month contract and pay all fees up-front receive a 5% discount; those who commit to 1 year will receive %15. (One-time setup fee not included in discounts.)

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