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695 Mistletoe Rd.
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Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 488-6918
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Our Mission

What We Do...


Rogue Data Vault is an application service provider and data warehousing company that offers secure, managed data services and solutions for small to medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations. We provide outsourced email/groupware solutions, secure file storage and backup services for our clientsí valuable information assets, as well high-end data hosting services for database-driven Web sites and applications. For organizations seeking a secure, power redundant, high-bandwidth facility to locate their servers, we offer both managed and unmanaged co-location services.



Why We Do It...


Time and again, small to medium-size organizations (5-50 users) struggle with information sharing because they do not have a centralized file server for data and email. Their reason for not having a file server is the high cost of entry as well as the ongoing maintenance costs. Even small organizations with less than 10 users could easily spend $10,000-$15,000 upfront to implement a file/email serverónot to mention the ongoing costs of having that system maintained by an outsourced systems consultant or an in-house network administrator. Rogue Data Vault enables organizations to enjoy the benefits of a file server for data and email at a fraction of the cost. We achieve this by allowing organizations to securely share our computing resources. Instead of each organization having to go out and spend thousands of dollars on their own individual file servers and networking infrastructure, they essentially pool their resources by using ours. Through economies of scale, the costs for hardware, software, licensing and maintenance drop dramatically. We simply pass these cost savings on to our clients, charging only a nominal monthly fee for using our services.



Where We Do It...


Rogue Data Vault is located in Ashland, Oregon. Our data center is housed within a 350 square foot, brand new construction facility located in an industrial area. Our data center is directly connected to the Ashland Fiber Network via a 100Mb, full-duplex fiber connection. In addition to high-speed connectivity, our data center has an automatic climate control system, secured internal and external entrances, a natural gas generator emergency backup power system and a dry-line fire suppression system.



How We Do It...


Rogue Data Vault uses a strategically selected and implemented set of industry standard technologies to fulfill its service offerings. All servers run Microsoft Windows 2000 Server as the network operating system. Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Enterprise Edition is used to fulfill email/groupware solutions. Both inbound and outbound email attachments are automatically scanned for viruses using Symantecís award-winning Norton AntiVirusš Corporate Edition 7.6. Firewall protection and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is implemented using a SonicWALL PRO 300. Single users utilize SonicWALLís VPN client to connect securely to their email and/or data. Organizations with multiple users are supplied with either a SonicWALL TELE3 or SonicWALL SOHO3 firewall/VPN device to be deployed onsite at their place of business depending upon the number of users connecting to Rogue Data Vault.



Who We Are...


Rogue Data Vault is owned and managed by a partnership of technology professionals with diverse yet complimentary backgrounds in networking, information security, Web application development, technology management and consulting. All of Rogue Data Vaultís partners have either been employed by or provided technology consulting services for small to medium-size businesses and non-profits, giving them unique insight and understanding of these organizationsí technology challenges and needs.

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